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Wild to free, Australia

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Not exciting visually, but I wanted to share the very last video taken before the fire. Approx 12 hours before the NYE fire tornado destroyed our souls and the beautiful bush surrounding us. Summer (left), hasn’t been seen since the fire. Angry Face is Clyde. He’s Clover’s son, now adopted by his Aunt Lily, who presumably lost her own Joey Holly that day. I’m so thankful for our survivors, but my heart yearns so desperately for those I haven’t seen. The remaining survivors are becoming quite wild now. Well…. mostly. Some younger ones still hop straight up to me, but the older ones are doing what they’re supposed to do. It’s a GOOD thing. We’ve been moving and limiting feed sources near the house, their original safe haven, and loading up food in the back paddocks. We hope by the time the noisy machinery comes through to remove the damage, all kangaroos will be completely wild as nature intended. Free to live on the land here if they choose to, free to move on into the Mogo State Forest or elsewhere if they wish to. We will continue to provide food, water, and medical care of course 🙏🦘🧡

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Vrijstaat de Stellingen, Marian & Imke

Zonder jou hadden we dit bedrag nooit in de wacht gesleept. Nu kunnen we een goed festival neerzetten (...) We zijn hier heel erg blij mee!

Vrijstaat de Stellingen
Vrijstaat de Stellingen, Marian & Imke

Pieter Jonker

Film over Dirk Kerst Koopmans nu op youtube: 'Geweldig dat deze film nu via facebook te zien is!' http://www.stichtingnobilis.nl
Pieter Jonker

Ate Mulder Historische Vereniging Makkinga

Ate in t Stellingwarfs over het boek Veldnamen Makkinga: 'Drok, boek is haost uutverkocht. Is perfekt saemensteld, nog daank daorveur.'
Ate Mulder Historische Vereniging Makkinga